Chen Chieh-Jen, Art Exhibition

Chen Chieh-Jen, Art Exhibition

A quick task presentation: this is a mandatory assignment where I'm going to write about when we went to an art exhibit by Chen Chieh-Jen. And my problemformulation is: how do people react to his art?

Chen Chieh-Jen is a well-known artist that uses almost all silent films, to portray different people in different settings. I saw three films, one which portrayed women working in a factory, one that portrayed a man helping what seems to be victims of a war, and one showing women explaining how hard it was to get a visa into America, and how poorly they were treated by the government.

Photo: from here.

In my opinion, the world needs and artist like Chen Chieh-Jen, one who isn't afraid to overstep the boundaries. We are to used to art being what we want it to be, which is mostly pretty. We want it to be valuable, nice-looking and not to overexaggerated, however it should be all about expression and feelings.

I think his art is unique, even though if many other artists may do the same thing, cause I haven't seen anything like this before. I'm used to art being sculptures, paintings, pictures etc. not silent films. As I was watching the films, I was also looking at the people around me, mainly because I didn't really know how to react. Maybe that's how the artist wants us to feel, a slightly bit confused, because the feelings in the films are so strong, and don't leave enough space for our own feelings and interpretation.

Some of the people around seemed confused, some mesmerized, and others careless. There's a lot of different reactions, which one could only expect with this sort of art. There isn't a proper way to react in my opinion, because this form of art doesn't strike everyone.

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31.mai.2011 kl.16:49

hvorfor har du skrevet p engelsk?


02.jun.2011 kl.01:28

fordi faget prosjekt til fordypning og engelsk slo seg sammen nr vi var p kunstutstillingen, derfor mtte vi skrive innlegget p engelsk :-)

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